Johnny calms the Kraken using his own DJ booth and inadvertently causes Van Helsing to be knocked off the plinth. How are we gonna explain that to mom?" Johnny plays with Dennis, while Mavis tells her dad that he can say the first word, but the word turns out to be "Bleh, bleh, bleh." "Yeah, they're still wide asleep," Dracula just nodded at him and tiredly smiled, he was just about to leave but Johnny immediately stopped him, "Hey, uh, since I'm awake. Mavis likes the kids and seems to believe that California is a good place to raise their child; on hearing this, Johnny feels a little bit disappointed about not meeting Dracula’s wish.

In the prequel TV series, Quasimodo is depicted with yellow hair and puts up with the criticism of his cooking from Mavis, her friends and Aunt Lydia. Drac rescues him, making him realise monsters are not as he previously thought, and he ceases attempting to kill them, including offering refunds to the guests. "Dad! In the first film, she is 118 years old and meets Jonathan Loughran. When Johnny and Mavis meet, Drac refuses to kill him believing "it would set vampire/human relations back centuries" and ultimately convinces Johnny to return after flying in direct sunlight to head off the plane Johnny is aboard. ""I just wanna explore the forest with you dad." Many years later, Abraham has been mechanized to avoid death and has brought his great-granddaughter, Ericka, into the family business. They are always shown causing chaos and destruction while Winnie looks on. A year has passed, what seems like a normal day completely changes everything. "Eyes slightly widening at his son's words, he gently laid a palm at that area, wincing as he expected some sort of pain upon touching it. She and Dennis are best friends. As it was none other than, Dracula. He subsequently tracked Drac down many times, but always failed to defeat him.

Although Esmeralda isn't seen or mentioned in the second film, she does appear in the video game adaption where she is now reformed like her owner. Back at the hotel Drac proposes to her and she accepts. ""Ah, Mavis, you always worry like this everytime you and Johnny celebrate your anniversary." He has plans to eliminate all the monsters on the cruise upon its arrival at the lost city of When at Atlantis, Van Helsing knocks out the DJ upon being given the Instrument of Destruction in the form of some sheet music. He'd just 'roll with it' like he usually does, but at this moment, he just couldn't, as this occasion was too special.A dark figure soon crept closer to him, to which he didn't notice as he was a bit lost in his thoughts, "Oh, hello there, Jonathan." Marries Johnny (Hotel Transylvania 2) Quote "Holy Rabies!" Introduced in Hotel Transylvania 2 Dennis. Nothing but pure stillness descended upon the area. He physically resembles Johnny, but has Mavis' blue eyes. Jonathan Loughran (nicknamed Johnny) (/ˈlaʊrən/ LOU-ruhn) is the deuteragonist in Hotel Transylvania. In the sequel, he "hugged" Johnny's mom and was seen on the side of the car, listening to a popular song while Dracula forced everyone else to listen to Bigfoot's life story, which he reads himself on an Winnie is the only pup identified as a girl amongst them, though she might simply be the only one who wears girl-appropriate clothing. Jonathan was a typical 21-year-old human, backpacking his way across Europe in his continuing worldwide travels. Annoyed, Dracula crashes another table into him, causing him to fall down. He's also very talkative, curious, optimistic and his good-natured attitude allows him to win many people over, even ones who greatly dislike him at first. Vlad appears in the third film in a supporting role, enjoying the holiday on In his debut, Tinkles was obtained by Dracula when Mavis and Johnny think that Dennis having a pet is too much of a responsibility. Johnny says yes and apologizes for lying.

Then Johnny and Mavis see kids that are playing BMX bikes in a park. He physically resembles Johnny, but has Mavis' blue eyes. and Dracula is unhappy about it. But when Johnny pushes the tables, Dracula orders him to go to a corner for a time-out, which Johnny states he's a grown man, but Dracula uses his powers to put him there. During the climax of the film Ericka professes her love for Drac and rescues him from the Kraken. In the prequel TV series, it is revealed that she is the mother of Hank N Stein.

"But when will we tell them dad?"