This is the platform which will showcase every single features and match that were previously apparent. But despite the fact it was hard to take him as a serious threat, he was still a compelling villain to watch. Few villains are as memorable as Danny Devito’s Penguin. (EH)The kind of role Shannon could play in his sleep, his General Zod is more angsty and human than his live-action predecessors playing the same character, but harmed by the relentlessly dank surroundings of Zack Snyder’s film. Always the punchline. it’s the people that are seeing it and saying, ‘Yeah, I’ve been mistreated too.’ ‘Yes, society has been jumping on me my whole life. had in mind for it. And the film, which will tell his origin story from a realistic and grounded point of view, could inspire violence.“Joker” has been full of intrigue since its inception. But it's such a delicious, mischievous performance, all eccentricity and barely-concealed madness, that it's not remotely a problem. Schwarzenegger is by no means good here, but he's absolutely captivating nonetheless. Another story suggests he was driven crazy by society. Phoenix’s performance, the aesthetic and the story itself led to an eight-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival. Phoenix’s attachment to the role drew immediate buzz.The film’s picked up steam when the film received an eight-minute standing ovation during the Venice Film Festival. He’s also one of the few actors to play the character without a heap of exhausting off-screen intensity, too. Be nice, be funny, be informative. (AW)The best of the best: Heath Ledger transformed himself completely and made the role his own opposite Christian Bale’s Batman in The Dark Knight. His Harvey Dent is noble and well-intentioned and dripping with vaguely Kennedy-esque suave, which only makes his eventual transformation into Two-Face that much more tragic. (AW)The role that, for better and for worse, Phoenix was born to play, his Joker is disturbing and brilliantly oddball. (AW)A big gulp in 2019 for obvious reasons, but also pretty regretful because it's an incredibly dull performance from an actor who was, whether we like to admit it or not, masterful at playing villains in his prime. Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Print Talk ... View Gallery 17 Photos. (EH)The kind of role Shannon could play in his sleep, his General Zod is more angsty and human than his live-action predecessors playing the same character, but harmed by the relentlessly dank surroundings of Zack Snyder’s film. He is irritated he even has to explain this. She plays June Moone, an archeological boffin transformed into a bikini-clad witch by some haunted dust. (AW)It’s not been plain sailing swapping the catwalk for the big screen for this aristocratic supermodel-turned-actor, specifically with her role in this puerile comic book film. (AW)Released at the peak of Carrey’s Nineties fame, Batman Forever didn’t cast Carrey because he would be perfect for The Riddler, but because they wanted Jim Carrey – squirming, scenery-chewing, face-contorting and all. So it was downright embarrassing when it turned out Joker wasn’t even the lead villain in the movie, and instead just an annoyance who turns up to mock the lead cast every now and then. He doesn't want his name to be known, but rather be known as the figurehead and icon of his movementA more direct consequence, though, will be that further down the line, a younger man who believes in chaos, violence, and anarchy will take up the mantle of "The Joker", using the old movement's name and imagery to make himself and his goals clear. (AW)Presumably hired because fellow “foreign, unconvincing muscle-man” Dolph Lundgren wasn’t available, Mark Pillow made for one of the worst DC movie villains. Critics adored the “Joker” upon first watch. He isn’t one to teach moral values. (AW)It was always going to be tricky to make much of an impression in a movie in which Amber Heard, sporting an enormous red wig, catapults her way into underwater battle riding a dolphin. Joker: Jared Leto ‘alienated and upset’ by new Joaquin Phoenix movieEmail already exists. Are you having negative thoughts?“All I have are negative thoughts,” he confesses to his psychologist.He declines from an enthusiastic, excited man who tried to make kids laugh on a bus into a twisted murderer with a spine-tingling, maniacal laugh. He was much older than Bruce. But “it certainly is a risk factor and probably in the top 10 risk factors in terms of real world violence,” she said.“Joker” defenders argue that the film is so horrific that reasonable people would be horrified by it, though, Henson said. In the final scene, Arthur is again speaking to a social worker, but now in handcuffs in an asylum. He is pure chaos in a world full of order, said Steven Leyva, an assistant professor of communication design at the University of Baltimore. And unlike Gotham, we have alternate paths on offer – represented best by the Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, whose presidential campaign speaks to that roiling anger but channels it into humane and egalitarian directions. By the time batman comes around, the joker should be pretty up there in age. the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate.