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31 de August, 2015

SANTIAGO – The United Nations has created different mechanisms to monitor the compliance of States with their international human rights obligations. One of those mechanisms is the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). Established in 2006 under the umbrella of the Human Rights Council, it involves all 193 Member States to assess the measures adopted by a given country in order to ensure human rights.

“The UPR seeks to improve human rights and the fulfilment of the State’s commitments by providing guidance for States to define their short- and longterm priorities, as well as to facilitate cooperation and the sharing of best practices among countries in order to strengthen their human rights laws, institutions and policies”, said Ms. Shahrzad Tadjbakhsh, chief of the UPR Branch at the UN High Commissioner for Human  Rights (OHCHR).

Countries go through the UPR every four and a half years, on the grounds of information provided by the State, by other stakeholders and by a variety of UN bodies. On that basis, representatives from different
States raise questions and make recommendations to the examined country.
“Currently, countries are undergoing the second cycle of the UPR. The fi rst cycle ended in 2011, with a 100% of participation by the UN Member States”, Ms. Tadjbakhsh stressed.
The Regional Project

The UPR Regional Project is a joint initiative of the OHCHR Regional Office for South America and the UN Country Teams in the region, supported by the UPR Voluntary Fund for Financial and Technical Assistance and the OHCHR UPR Branch in Geneva. It is under implementation in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.
Thanks to the cooperation with different UN Offices, there are technical UPR Advisors working in each country, under the guidance of the OHCHR Regional Office for South America.
“The Project engages with all actors involved in the follow-up of the UPR recommendations, such as the State, National Human Rights Institutions, civil society groups and the UN System in our countries of coverage”, stated the OHCHR Deputy Regional Representative, Mr. Humberto Henderson.
Through different activities, the UPR Regional Project is supporting the establishment of interinstitutional mechanisms to report and follow-up on recommendations from international human rights mechanisms, as well as the development of human rights action plans at the national level.
The UPR Regional Project also assists different stakeholders to create their own tracking systems of the UPR recommendations, as well as to promote regional cooperation for that purpose. In addition, the Project supports the UN Offices in each country to increasingly mainstream human rights within their activities.
“We work with several local actors who are strongly committed to promote the implementation of the UPR recommendations“, Mr. Henderson said.
“Ultimately, we strive to support them in such a challenge and to help them coordinate efforts in order to enhance the overall human rights situation in the region”, he added.
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