Other Issues

These topics refer to any human rights issue not covered by the other four categories. It includes issues such a freedom of expression, climate change, human trafficking, national human rights institutions, human rights plans, etc.

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UN expert to assess violence and discrimination against LGBT people in Argentina

February 24, 2017, Argentina (en)

“Unsafe abortion is still killing tens of thousands women around the world” – UN rights experts warn

Commemorating colleagues who lost their lives in the pursuit of human rights

Indigenous Peoples to Seek Measures for Preventing Conflict, Securing Peace, at Annual Forum, 9-20 May

Countering violent extremism, a ‘perfect excuse’ to restrict free speech and control the media – UN expert

Measuring human rights to support sustainable development

Regional Office participated in events on disability and 2030 Agenda in Uruguay

April 30, 2016, Uruguay (en)

Recovered identity: a reunion mends years of pain in Argentina

April 26, 2016, Argentina (en)

OHCHR Regional Representative carries out mission to Uruguay

April 22, 2016, Uruguay (en)

Brazil: OHCHR South America repudiates anti human rights rhetoric in Congress

April 22, 2016, Brazil
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